Dining Alone Series

"Dogs have little imagination about us and our inner lives but limitless intuition about them; we have false intuitions about their inner lives but limitless imagination about them. Our relationship meets in the middle."

Adam Gopnik

Most of us dine alone at least once every day whether by choice or by circumstance. As we sit alone at our table or barstool we have time to observe and reflect on everything around us - the empty chair across from us at our own kitchen table, guests at other tables in a restaurant, co-workers walking by in the office break room or the busy movements of restaurant staff.

Because we are dining alone our point of view is unique; we don't have that shared connection with someone else, instead we see everything from our perspective: we sit alone with our thoughts; we wait for our food to arrive; we watch the people at the tables around us; or we retreat to the solace of a book or smartphone to escape the environment.

This series is a whimsical look at the different emotions and situations we experience when “Dining Alone.” Each photograph tells the story of a moment in time – many of them are based on my own personal experience while others are drawn from popular culture. The details and places are drawn from memory with a few exceptions. The actors are my frequent collaborators, Chopper, Oswald and Milhouse.

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